The 1913 Armory Show Revisited – The New Spirit

- by Susan Halas

1 poster armony show 1913

Poster announcing the famous 1913 Armory show held in NYC.

Links to Exhibits and Special Events Celebrating the Armory’s 100th Anniversary

DePaul Museum Show, Illinois

NY Historical Society

Montclair Museum, NJ

Art Institute of Chicago has a number of small exhibits and lectures

Chicago also has an online exhibit at

A sampling of what others are saying:

Complete text of “The Armory Show at 100” by James Panero at

Complete text of “Much Ado about Everything” by Kristen Osborne

Complete text of Saltz Revisits the Armory Show

The Wikipedia article on the show and its legacy provides a succinct narrative plus many links and images at:


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