The 1913 Armory Show Revisited – The New Spirit

- by Susan Halas

8 cubic man john sloan

John Sloan took a crack a cubism in this cartoon.

Informative on-line sites and many real exhibits:

There are some marvelous shows planned to commemorate the anniversary of the 1913 Amory Show and some equally wonderful on-line resources to help the modern day fans of the famous exhibit navigate and understand this landmark event.

The University of Virginia’s site is of particular interest. It recreates the exhibit’s 18 galleries on-line complete with catalog, extensive documentation of works exhibited, a critical commentary and much more. It’s a real gem – find it at:

View an extraordinary timeline created from manuscripts, documents and ephemera in the collection of the Archives of American Art:

Ever hear of Paul Picasso? That’s what Pablo was called in the original show catalog and supplement to the Armory Show, International Exhibit of Modern Art, American Association of Painters and Sculptors 1913. See it at: