Book Dealer Co-op Now in its 13th Year - An Uphill Struggle to Make it Work

- by Susan Halas

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Don & Sue Gallagher of Gallagher's Books in Denver like the personal websites & specific categories

Not content to state the advantages of the site from the seller’s side he also had many reasons why “shopping on TomFolio is better than shopping on Amazon.” Among the reasons he named were:

Dedicated to Books: TomFolio is for used books, periodicals, paper ephemera and related media. That's what we know and love. We do not sell washing machines, car insurance, scented candles or anything like that.

Talk to a real person before you buy: Our dealers may be contacted by phone, email, or even snail mail. No need to go through a third party to get your questions answered.

Better Value for Buyer: Amazon charges its book dealers commissions, monthly fees, variable closing fees, etc., and many of their vendors raise their prices on that site to compensate. Often you can find the same book listed at TomFolio for a lower price.

No stock photos: TomFolio dealers use actual images of the actual books they offer for sale. … In this way you will always know exactly what you're getting before you buy.

Lee Kirk confirmed that keeping TomFolio alive has been “an uphill struggle,” one she compared to “herding cats,” but she and others were still hopeful that the site will continue to grow and offer a viable alternative, “one that’s better for sellers, buyers, and all who love books.”


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