Auctions in October

- by Bruce E. McKinney

October auctions 2012

Eighty-six Auctions and counting. There will be more.

This month 86 events are posted on the auction calendar.  The previous high for October was 57, reached both in 2011 and in 2007, the last year before the world economy was convulsed with economic tremors.  During this month additional events will be added and others rescheduled.   The mosaic of auctions is always a work in progress but the outlook positive.  The number of sales posted particularly high – 86 events.

Over the past 7 years the number of sales in October has been relatively stable:

Auctions in October 2004 to 2011

2011 57

2010 52

2009 56

2008 53

2007 57

2006 53

2005 49

So one metric is very positive.  What’s offered and how many will be bidding are other factors that will become clear as the month progresses.

What is clear is clear is that the opportunities will be many.

The book, manuscript, map and ephemera auctions is October –

Mon. Oct. 1st Bruun Rasmussen.  Books, 227 lots. [1240]

Tues. Oct. 2nd      Bonhams.  Early Printing and English Books, 285 lots.  [20412]

                                    Map World.  Antique Maps, 70 lots.  [5]

                                    Swann Galleries.  Printed & Manuscript Americana, 528 lots.  [2287]

Wed. Oct. 3rd              Lyon and Turnbull.  International Sale:  Prints, 2 lots.  [360]

                                    Map World.  Antique Maps, 70 lots.  [5]

                                    Sotheby’s.  Photographs, 270 lots.  [NO8885]

Thurs. Oct. 4th Bloomsbury Auctions.  Red China.  [35982]

                                    Christie’s.  Photographs.  [2586]

                                    Christie’s.  Posters with a Purpose:  The London Transport Museum Sale.  [6934]

                                    Christie’s.  Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds.  [5708]

                                    Christie’s.  Richard Avedon Photographs.  [2650]

                                    Heritage Auctions [].  Historical Manuscripts, 468 lots.  [6084] 

                                    Heritage Auctions [].  Rare Books, 960.  [6091]

                                    Kapandji Morhange.  Antiquarian and Modern Books.  [13920]

                                    Knotty Pine Auction Service.  Ephemera, Advertising and Estate Books.  [100412]

                                    Map World.  Antique Maps, 70 lots.  [5]

                                    Swann Galleries.  Edward S. Curtis’s The North American Indian.  [10412]

                                    Swann Galleries.  Fine Photographs & Photobooks.  [2288]

                                    Waddington’s.  Public Enemy:  US DOJ and FBI Wanted Posters and Related Ephemera – Internet Sale.  [100112]

Fri.  Oct. 5th                 Alde.  Library of Lucien Choudin; Books of Voltaire.  [19717]

                                    Bloomsbury Auctions.  Bibliophile.  [35984]

                                    Christie’s.  Photographs.  [2586]

                                    Christie’s.  Photographs.  [2650]

                                    Christie’s.  Art of Islam.  [6945]

                                    Heritage Auctions [].  Historical Manuscripts.  [6084]

                                    Heritage Auctions [HA.COM].  Rare Books, 960 items.  [6091]

                                    Kapandji Morhange.  Antiquarian and Modern Books.  [13920]

                                    Kiefer – Buch – and – Kunstauktionen.  Books, Graphics modern and Ancient Arts, Antiques, 8074 items.  [82]

                                    Map World.  Antique Maps.  [5]

                                    Marc van de Wiele Auctions.  Jewish books, maps, manuscripts, ketubbot, art books.  [43]

                                    Marc van de Wiele Auctions.  Modern Illustrated Books Auction, 486 items.  [44]

Sat.  Oct. 6th                Coutau-Begarie.  Comic Strips.  [100612]

                                    ERA Encheres.  Books.  [19693]

                                    Kiefer – Buch – und Kunstauktionen.  Books, Graphics modern and ancient Arts, Antiques.  [82]

                                    Marc van de Wiele Auctions.  Rare books and manuscripts auction, 808 lots.  [45].

Mon.  Oct. 8th              Alde.  Library First Editions.  [19718]

Tues.  Oct. 9th             Christie’s.  Travel, Science, and Natural History.  [6911]

                                    Rupert Toovey and Co.  Antiquarian and Collectors Books.  [1076]

Wed.  Oct. 10th           Bonhams.  Fine Books and Manuscripts.  [20048]

                                    Christie’s.  Rendez-vous:  Contemporary Interiors.  [3541]

                                    Dominic Winter Book Auctions.  Printed Books, Maps and Documents.  [101012]

                                    Doyle New York.  Doyle @ Home:  Prints.  [101012]

                                    Rupert Toovey and Co.  Prints.  [1075]

Thurs.  Oct. 11th         Dominic Winter.  Sporting and Natural History, Vintage and Contemporary Photography.  [101112]

                                    Freeman’s [Samuel T. Freeman & Co.].  Prints.  [1442]

                                    PBA Galleries.  Fine Literature with Books in all Fields.  [490]

                                    Swann Galleries.  Art, Press & Illustrated Books.  [2289]

Sat. Oct. 13th               Heritage Auctions [].  Illustration Art.  [5111]

Mon. Oct. 15th Artcurial Briest-Le Fur-Poulain-F. Tajan.  Prints.  [19565]

Tues.  Oct. 16th           Henri Godts Books & Prints Auctions.  Books from the XVth to the XXth Century,  [18146]

                                    Sotheby’s.  Musical Collection of Andre Meyer.  [PF1227]

Wed.  Oct. 17th           Galerie Bassenge.  Books, Autographs, Decorative Prints.  [100a]

                                    Sotheby’s.  Musical Collection of Andre Meyer.  [PF1227]

                                    Tajan.  Books.  [9740]

Thurs.  Oct. 18th  Rare Books.  Internet bidding ending today.  [22]

                                    Bloomsbury Auctions.  Literature, Manuscripts, Travel & Natural History.  [35986]

                                    Galerie Bassange.  Books, Autographs, Decorative Prints.  [100a]

                                    Swann Galleries.  African-American Fine Art.  [2290]

Fri.  Oct. 19th              Galerie Bassenge.  Books, Autographs, Decorative Prints.  [100a]

Sat. Oct. 20th               Galerie Bassenge.   Books, Autographs, Decorative Prints.  [100a]

Sun. Oct. 21st              Bonhams.  Prints and Photographs.  [20050].

Mon. Oct. 22nd            Artcurial Briest-Le Fur-Poulain-F. Tajan.  Enki Bilaf – “Oxymore” Last Paintings [19566]

                                    Cornette de Saint Cyr.  Prints and Multiples.  [19623]

Tues.  Oct. 23rd           Audap & Mirabaud.  Historical Memories.  [19715]

                                    Bonhams.  Prints.  [20059].

                                    Cornette de Saint Cyr.  Books and Autographs.  [19627]

Thurs. Oct. 25th          Bloomsbury Auctions.  Modern First Editions:  The Library of a Gentleman.  [35988]

                                    De Baecque & Associes.  Ancient and Modern Books, Autographs and Documents.  [19675]

                                    Hauff and Auvermann.  Books, Autographs and Prints [68].

                                    PBA Galleries.  Ranchos of California:  The John C. Broome Collection.  [491]

Fri.  Oct. 26th              Hauff and Auvermann.  Books, Autographs and Prints.  [68]

                                    Osenat.  Books.  [13960]

Sat. Oct. 27th    Hauff and Auvermann.  Books, Autographs and Prints.  [68]

                                    Morton Casa de Subastas.  Books, Documents and Prints.  [650]

Sun. Oct. 28th             Knotty Pine Auction Service.  Antique and Estate Books.  [102812]

Mon.  Oct. 29th           Christie’s.  Important Antiquarian Books, Art Books and Manuscripts.  [3518].

                                    Neret – Minet & Tessier.  Posters.  [14280]

Tues.  Oct. 30th           Alde.  Regionalism – Franche-Comte, Normandie, Provence, Savoie.  [19721]

                                    Bonhams.  Photographs.  [20064].

                                    Christie’s.  Prints and Multiples.  [2593]

                                    Christie’s.  Collection of an Amateur Bibliophile.  [3537].

                                    Christie’s.  Sporting Books.  [4354]

                                    Dorotheum.  Books and Decorative Prints.  [103012]

Wed. Oct. 31st  Alde.  Ancient and XIX Century Books.  [19723]

                                    Christie’s.  Prints and Multiples.  [2593]

                                    Photographs.  [7272]