10 Catalogues Reviewed in Section Two

- by Michael Stillman


New catalogues under review.

This may be the slow summer season, but we have received 10 new bookseller catalogues anyway. The William Reese Company starts us off with Part I of a tribute to the great Americana bookseller and bibliographer, Wright Howes. Seth Kaller Historic Documents also presents a selection of Americana, in this case documents from the nation's founding.

Kenston Rare Books targets Texas and the American West in its latest selection. Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books heads east, far east to China. Jonathan Potter Antique Maps features five centuries of maps. Peter Harrington has a collection of 75 fine books. Fine books are also the calling for the latest from James Cummins Bookseller. Garrett Scott Bookseller has a new collection of the odd and the unusual. Forest Books and Michael Thompson Books offer miscellanies.

All of these latest reviews can be found by clicking here now.