Living the Booksellers’ Lifestyle

- by Susan Netzorg Halas

5 lux mentis-logo

Lux Mentis logo for Ian Kahn Bookseller (self identified recovering lawyer).

I’m not a big Facebook fan; I have a page but rarely post; but I absolutely salivate over Ian’s Facebook pictures.


It seems after a hard day of buying and selling high end books (and schlepping them to the hall and packing them all up and shipping them on down the road) Kahn and friends all adjourn to some fabulous café or restaurant for the post mortems and fellowship.


As the food arrives, he snaps a few photos on his iPhone and posts them for the rest of us to enjoy.


Trust me, they are all wonderful. The ones he sent from Maxim’s in Paris were incredible. You want fantasy? Imagine a soft golden light, superlative French cuisine and good company. Forget about the mangos and papayas just falling into your lap, these photos really evoked a style of life (and eating) I wish to be able to afford.


According to Ian the pictures are really secondary to the experience of getting together with good friends and having a good meal. “Somehow the conversation just seems to flow.”


There are some drawbacks to this life style, but not many. He admits to being a little overweight, “but it’s solid,” he says. He also mentioned his wife complains because he’s “in New York (SF, LA, London, Dublin, Paris) more than he is in Maine.”