13 New Catalogues Reviewed This Month

- by Michael Stillman


New catalogues under review.

We start the new year with a lucky 13 new catalogues up for review. A few of them target very specific niches. Peter Harrington is offering the Pat McInally Winnie-the-Pooh collection. Daniel Crouch Rare Books has maps and plans of London through four centuries. Yesterday's Muse has items related to castles and forts.

For those with an interest in Americana, Garrett Scott, Bookseller, has another of his collections of American pamphlets, many quite strange in nature. David Lesser Fine Antiquarian Books also specializes in American pamphlets and shorter form material, though generally of a more historical than odd variety. The William Reese Company focuses on Western Americana, as does Kenston Rare Books, though the latter primarily targets Texas.

The Kelmscott Bookshop features artists' books, private press works, and more. Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books has books related to travel. The Raab Collection offers signed documents from important historical figures. Sotheran's presents its latest edition of “Picadilly Notes,” while new miscellanies are available from Michael Thompson Books and Kenneth Karmiole, Bookseller.

All of these latest reviews can be found by clicking here now.