A Man for All Seasons

- by Bruce E. McKinney

Mr Yount, approaching his fourth score of years, is a reminder that books are not only a part of life; they are also an elixir that extends it.  “I never know what I’m going to find or who I’ll talk to.  It makes me look forward to tomorrow.”

Many of his books are online.  “I buy them as I sell them, one at a time.  If they are needy I give repair.  If they interesting to me I believe they will be interesting to others.”  Just the other day he sent one of his bindings to Taiwan and felt very good about it.


“If I were doing it over again I would become involved with books earlier.  This, after all my experiences, is the best of life.” Between visits to auctions, following discussions on line and exchanges with customers, all with the occasional afternoon nap, Professor Yount is able to be active and interested everyday.

He lists his books in AE’s books for sale.  Here is a link to them.   He’d love to hear from you.  In books, he finds life.

The material is eclectic, the focus on good copies of interesting material.  Have a look.