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Bibliography and Printing History (some imaginary) from Frits Knuf



For those who collect American children's books, item 48 is a copy of the premier printing of A.S.W. Rosenbach's Early American Children's Books. Rosenbach was one of the leading American booksellers of the first half of the 20th century. His career started while working for his uncle, also a bookseller, late in the 19th century. His uncle collected American children's books, a collection Rosenbach inherited and expanded. In 1933, he published this bibliography based upon his own collection. This copy is one of a print run of 88 copies on Zerkall Halle paper, and is substantially more valued than the regular first edition, itself limited to 585 copies and highly prized. This copy also contains the signature of Mr. Rosenbach, also known as "The Doctor." €1,800 (US $2,336).

Item 1 is one of those ironic pieces. Titled De La Coeur Du Parliament Qui Ordonne La Suppression Des Exemplaires..., it censors a book. However, it's not just any book, but one which granted permission to read forbidden books. Obviously, the state could not permit such a book to be read. €200 (US $259).

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