• <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015, San Francisco</b>
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> MIGUEL COSTANSO. 1741-1814. The suppressed report of the portala expidition. US$ 80,000-120,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> FELIPE DE NEVE. 1724-1784. FIRST LAWS OF CALIFORNIA. US$ 120,000-180,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> JAMES O. PATTIE. c.1804-c.1850. The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie of Kentucky. US$ 30,000-50,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b><br>KARL BODMER. 1809-1893. Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri Warrior in the Costume of the Dog Danse.<br>US$ 20,000-30,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015, San Francisco</b>
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b><br>JOEL PALMER. 1810-1881. Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains to the Mouth of the Columbia River. US$ 15,000-25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b><br>JOHANN AUGUSTUS SUTTER. 1803-1880. Letter Signed ("JA Sutter").<br>US$ 15,000-25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> J. ELY SHERWOOD. California: Her Wealth and Resources... US$ 15,000-25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> [JOHN LINVILLE HALL and GEORGE G. WEBSTER.] Journal of the Hartford Union Mining and Trading Company. US$ 15,000-25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> JAMES A. READ and DONALD F. READ, illustrators. Journey to the Gold Diggins. By Jeremiah Saddlebags. US$ 8,000-12,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> WILLIAM BESCHKE. The Dreadful Sufferings and Thrilling Adventures of an Overland Party of Emigrants to California. US$ 15,000-25,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> LORENZO D. ALDRICH. 1818/1819-1851. A Journal of the Overland Route to California! US$ 25,000-35,000.
    <b>Bonhams 9 Feb 2015:</b> JOHN WOODHOUSE AUDUBON. 1812-1862. Illustrated Notes of an Expedition Through Mexico and California. US$ 80,000-120,000.
  • <b>19th Century Shop.</b> Gold mining boomtown collection of 23 photos<br>of Goldfield, Nevada (1905)
    <b>19th Century Shop.</b> Columbus and New World Exploration manuscript (1512)
    <b>19th Century Shop.</b> A. J. Russell.<br>The Great West (1869) 50 original mounted photos
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Isaac Newton. <i>Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica</i> (1687).
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Shakespeare's <i>Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies</i> (1632).
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. John Rockefeller. Ambrotype, the earliest known photograph of Rockefeller.
    <b>19th Century Shop</b>. Muybridge, <i>Animal Locomotion</i> (1887) subscriber's copy.
  • <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Latest catalogue: 50 Fine Books 2015
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> M. Catesby,<br>The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (London, 1729-77).
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility (London, 1811). First edition of the Austen’s first published novel.
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Koronatsionniy sbornik [Album of Nicholas II's coronation] (St. Petersburg, 1899): preferred deluxe version in Russian.
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> A complete set of John Gould's magnificent bird books in attractive contemporary bindings (1831-88).
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Andy Warhol, Bald Eagle from Endangered Species. Screenprint in colours, 1983, signed in pencil.
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Sir Ernest Shackleton, South: The story of Shackleton’s last expedition 1914-1917 (London, 1919).
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> J.J. Audubon, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (NY, 1845-54): The largest successful colour plate book of 19th-century America.
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Geoffrey Chaucer, The Works (Kelmscott Press, 1896). One of the finest illustrated books ever produced.
    <b>Shapero Rare Books:</b> Lev Tolstoy, Anna Karenina (Moscow, 1879):<br>first edition in book form of the celebrated novel.
  • <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Selection of Manuscripts
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Selection of Miniatures
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Selection of Early Printed Books
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b><br>St. Paul’s epistles, manuscript on vellum, illuminated by the Simon Master, c. 1150-75
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Book of Hours, illuminated by the Boucicaut Master, Paris, c. 1415
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Book of Hours, illuminated by the Rohan Master, probably Troyes, c. 1415-20
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Julius Caesar, De bello Gallico, manuscript on vellum, Milan, c. 1450-75
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Bible Historiale, illuminated manuscript in French on paper, Amiens, c. 1480-85
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Miniature Book of Hours, illuminated by Simon Bening, Bruges, c. 1530-35
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Saintly Pope, miniature on vellum, by Pacino da Bonaguida, Florence, c. 1310-15
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Christ calling St. Peter, miniature on vellum, by Pellegrino di Mariano Rossini, Siena, 1471
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Presentation in Temple, miniature on vellum, Nuremberg, c. 1490-1500
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Pliny, Historia naturalis, Treviso: Manzolus, 1479
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Valturio, De re militari, Verona 1483, first edition in Italian
    <b>Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books: </b> Celestial vision at Constantinople, single-leaf woodcut, Nuremberg,<br>c. 1490-91

Auction Reports


Auction Info

Auction Name
Asian Art - Prints
Auction Date
02/26/2015 - 02/26/2015
Sale Number
Total Lots
Sold Lots
Lots Sold
Unsold Lots
Total Sales (USD)
Low Estimate of Lots Sold (USD)
High Estimate of Lots Sold (USD)
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Total Sales as a % of High Est.

Top twenty by sale price

Lot Number Author Name Book Title Year Published Estimate Actual Price
368 Twelve Woodblock Prints 18th to 20th century USD 1,200.00 - 1,500.00 USD 4,305.00
415 Xu Quang (b. 1938) Xu Quang (b. 1938) Woodcut Block 20th century USD 300.00 - 500.00 USD 1,476.00
399 Woodblock Print Album USD 400.00 - 600.00 USD 984.00
416 Ohara Koson (1877-1945) Two Ohara Koson (1877-1945) Woodblock Prints USD 800.00 - 1,200.00 USD 554.00
419 Hiroshige (1797-1858) Hiroshige (1797-1858) Woodblock Print 1853 USD 500.00 - 700.00 USD 523.00
365 Four Hanging Scrolls 19th century USD 300.00 - 500.00 USD 492.00
422 Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) Woodblock Print c. 1840 USD 200.00 - 300.00 USD 400.00
392 Nine Woodblock Prints USD 300.00 - 500.00 USD 338.00
363 Thirty-four Miscellaneous Works and Prints USD 400.00 - 600.00 USD 308.00
371 Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) Woodblock Print USD 200.00 - 300.00 USD 185.00
406 Three Woodblock Prints USD 300.00 - 500.00 USD 185.00
407 Kaoru Kawano (1916-1965) Two Kaoru Kawano (1916-1965) Woodblock Prints USD 200.00 - 400.00 USD 185.00
381 Illustrated Manuscript USD 200.00 - 300.00 USD 154.00
393 Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) Woodblock Print 1930 USD 50.00 - 100.00 USD 154.00
375 Four Color Engravings USD 300.00 - 500.00 USD 123.00
404 Utagawa Yoshitsuya (1822-1866) Four Utagawa Yoshitsuya (1822-1866) Woodblock Prints 19th century USD 400.00 - 600.00 USD 123.00
417 Kako Morita (fl. 1902-1917) Kako Morita (fl. 1902-1917) Hand-painted Woodblock Print USD 500.00 - 800.00 USD 123.00
405 Torii Kiyonaga (1752-1815) Two Torii Kiyonaga (1752-1815) Woodblock Prints USD 200.00 - 400.00 USD 98.00
421 Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991) Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991), Ohara in Autumn 1963 USD 200.00 - 300.00 USD 98.00
400 Katagami Stencil USD 200.00 - 400.00 USD 37.00

  • <b>Swann Auction Galleries: Autographs, March 19th.</b>
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Color photograph signed and inscribed by Ronald Reagan, "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!" $2,000 to $3,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Autograph album containing over 50 items signed, or signed and inscribed, by 19-century American writers, artists, and others, 1831-86. $4,000 to $6,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Egon Schiele, 5-page autograph letter signed, indignant at military interference in his art, October 1918. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries: Autographs, March 19th.</b>
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Album assembled to benefit Civil War soldiers with over 150 autographs by politicians, generals, writers, artists and more, mostly 1864. $80,000 to $120,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Albert Einstein, photograph dated and signed, "A. Einstein. 54," 1954. $6,000 to $9,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Sigmund Freud, brief autograph letter signed, "Freud," Vienna, January 1934. $3,500 to $5,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries: Autographs, March 19th.</b>
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> George Washington, document signed twice, on land granted under the Proclamation of 1754, January 1774. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Autograph letter to Roy O. Day from Richard Nixon signed "Dick," one of an archive of 28 letters, 1945-74. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Alexander Graham Bell, 2 letters signed, on his attempt to extract the bullet from President Garfield, 1881. $3,000 to $4,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Mar 19: </b> Harry S. Truman, archive of 27 typed letters signed, "Harry," or in full, 1938-51. $5,000 to $7,500.
  • <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> THE GUTENBERG BIBLE, MAINZ. Price realized: $5,390,000. Oct 1987, NY.
    <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> LEONARDO DA VINCI, Codex Hammer. Price realized: $30,802,500. Nov 1994 NY
    <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> THE FORBES COLLECTION, Price realized: $40,900,000. Mar 2002, New York.
    <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> ANDRE FRANQUIN, SPIROU ET FANTASIO. Price realized: €157,500. Apr 2014, Paris, France.
    <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> THE GREAT HOURS OF GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA. Price realized: £1,217,250. Jul 2011, London.
    <b>EXCEPTIONAL PRICES:</b> MAHZOR, Festival Prayerbook, in Hebrew. Price realized: €1,857,000. May 2012, Paris France.
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