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10/30/2017 - 10/30/2017
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Thos.Cook & son Traveler's Check Assortment ca.1930-40's.

ca.1930-40's.USD 60.00 - 110.00Unknown

European Traveler's check assortment ca. 1940-1970's.

ca. 1940-1970's.USD 100.00 - 160.00Unknown

Carnegie Trust Co., 1909-1910 Circular Letter of Credit Specimen.

1909-1910USD 50.00 - 90.00Unknown

Mellon National Bank Traveler's Check Accumulation ca.1930-50's.

ca.1930-50's.USD 75.00 - 120.00Unknown

American Express Traveler's Check Assortment ca.1919 to 1950.

ca.1919 to 1950.USD 130.00 - 200.00Unknown

Barton Bank 1850 Deposit Slip Dated July 20th, 1850, Almost 6 weeks before California Received State

1850USD 130.00 - 200.00Unknown

City Comptroller's Office, 1854 Warrant.

1854USD 50.00 - 90.00Unknown

Gold Rush Era, ca.1852-1853 California State Government Warrants.

ca.1852-1853USD 180.00 - 280.00Unknown

Seat of Government, State Controller's Office, 1880 Warrant.

1880USD 75.00 - 120.00Unknown

Nevada and California Checks, Warrants, Tax Receipts and Miscellaneous Gold Rush Items, ca.1857 to 1

ca.1857USD 110.00 - 160.00Unknown

State of Louisiana Auditor's Warrants 1868-1869

USD 75.00 - 120.00Unknown

Memorandum of Gold Bullion Deposited at the Assay Office of S. Molitor and Co. ca.1861-64 and Unissu

ca.1861-64USD 100.00 - 160.00Unknown

Exchange Check from Prime, Ward & King, 1843

1843USD 15.00 - 25.00Unknown

Post Office Department "Transportation of the Mails", 1849-1857 Warrant Quartet.

1849-1857USD 110.00 - 170.00Unknown

Political Autographs , McGovern, Shriver and Pat Nixon.

USD 50.00 - 80.00Unknown

Land Grant The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1798USD 140.00 - 200.00Unknown

Bradley Tyler Johnson, Confederate General from Maryland, 1871 Autographed Fiscal Document.

1871USD 80.00 - 140.00Unknown

Warren G. Harding Signature on 1919 Letter When a U.S. Senator

1919USD 60.00 - 100.00Unknown

Sierra Railway Company, ca. 1890-1920 Ticket and Check Assortment.

ca. 1890-1920USD 110.00 - 180.00Unknown

Commanding Officer of the 104th Regiment 1862 Promotion Certificate

1862USD 50.00 - 85.00Unknown

Steamship and Steamboat Prospectus, Proof Ticket and New York Senate Hearing Pamphlet.

ca. 1830-40'sUSD 50.00 - 85.00Unknown

Great Western Railway Farewell to Steam special and last steam train from Worcester. As well as some

1965USD 35.00 - 60.00Unknown

Political Ribbons of General D.A. Hastings 1890-1894

1890-1894USD 25.00 - 40.00Unknown

American Bank Note Company French Advertising Card

1910-20'sUSD 120.00 - 180.00Unknown

Planters & Mechanics Bank Uncut Sheet of 4 Proprietary Proofs.

1850-60's, this sheet is ca.1970'sUSD 250.00 - 400.00Unknown
  • <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Luis de Lucena, <i>Arte de Ajedres,</i> first edition of the earliest extant manual on modern chess, Salamanca, circa 1496-97. Sold for $68,750.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Carte-de-visite album with 83 images of prominent African Americans & abolitionists, circa 1860s. Sold for $47,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Gustav Klimt, <i>Das Werk,</i> Vienna & Leipzig, 1918. Sold for $106,250.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Man Ray, <i>[London Transport] – Keeps London Going,</i> 1938. Sold for $149,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Thomas Jefferson, Letter Signed, to Major-General Nathanael Greene, promising reinforcements against Cornwallis, 1781. Sold for $35,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Nicolas de Fer, <i>L’Amerique Divisee Selon Letendue de ses Principales Parties,</i> Paris, 1713. Sold for $30,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Russell H. Tandy, <i>The Secret in the Old Attic,</i> watercolor, pencil & ink, 1944. Sold for $35,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Ernest Hemingway, <i>Three Stories & Ten Poems,</i> first edition of the author's first book, Paris, 1923. Sold for $23,750.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries:</b> Walker Evans, <i>River Rouge Plant,</i> silver print, 1947. Sold for $57,500.
  • <b>Bonhams: September 25, New York</b>
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Ernst, Max. <i>Mr. Knife and Miss Fork</i>. Paris, 1932. DELUXE EDITION. Sold for $15,625
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Cage, John. Autograph musical leaf from his Concert for Piano and Orchestra, NY, 1958. Sold for $18,750
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Cage, John. Autograph musical leaf from his Concert for Piano and Orchestra, NY, 1958. Sold for $18,750
    <b>Bonhams: September 25, New York</b>
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Einstein, Albert. Signed Passport Photo for his US citizenship application. Bermuda, 1935. Sold for $17,500
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Verard, Antoine. Illuminated printed Book of Hours. Paris, 1507. Sold for $7,500
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Wetterkurzschlussel. German Weather Report Codebook - for Enigma use. Berlin, 1942. Sold for $225,000
    <b>Bonhams: September 25, New York</b>
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Morelos y Pavon, Jose Maria. Autograph letter signed to El Virrey Venegas, February 5, 1812. Sold for $6,250
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Milne, A.A. Complete set of <i>Winnie-the-Pooh</i> books. 4 volumes. All first issue points. London, 1924-1928. Sold for $5,250
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> A 48-star American Flag, battle worn flown at Guadalcanal and Peleliu, 1942-1944. Sold for $35,000
    <b>Bonhams, June 12 results:</b> Locke, John. Autograph Letter Signed mourning the death of his friend, William Molyneaux, 2 pp, October 27, 1698. Sold for $20,000
  • <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Charles Darwin on sexuality and the transmission of hereditary characteristics: Autograph Letter Signed to Lawson Tait. Down, 17 January [1877].
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> MILTON, JOHN. <i>Paradise Lost. A Poem written in ten books.</i> London: 1667. A very rare example with the contemporary binding untouched and with a 1667 title page.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Hamilton secures the ratification of the Constitution: <i>The Debates and Proceedings of the Convention of the State of New-York, assembled at Poughkeespsie, on the 17th June, 1788.</i>
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> The social contract “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains”: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES. <i>Principes du Droit Politique [Du Contract Social]</i>. Amsterdam: Michel Rey, 1762
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> “The first English textbook on geometrical land-measurement and surveying”: BENESE, RICHARD. <i>This Boke Sheweth the Maner of Measurynge All Maner of Lande…</i>
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