Auction Update Review


The Summer Ends, the Season Starts

The news this week isn't the sales just reported. They are the regular mix of events that have for decades negotiated the uncertainties of August. This past week National Book upped the ante of its own game with a higher value sale that saw, as is their wont, everything that wasn't nailed to the floor, sell. They certainly make it easy on the sweepers because, except for chairs and empty soda cans everything else is gone. They have been doing this for awhile and doing it well.

In Mexico Louis C. Morton continues to hold their own. The sell-through percentages are down a bit, 59% of all material sold this past week but it's actually a very main stream performance. The auction field is fighting to establish a new balance between seller and buyer expectations.

Gray's Auctioneers had a tough outing recently. We see it from time to time - high overall estimates and low realizations. Sales amounted to only about 10% of the high estimate. It will get better. They do a good job.

The interesting story this week is an auction that is going to take place in Worcester, Massachusetts and running from Thursday to Sunday. It's the personal effects of ten generations of descendents of Thomas Green [born 1640]. Of principal importance are the papers and books of Andrew Haswell Green who invested much of his adult life in improving New York City. Fortunately for auction browsers today the family never threw anything away. They acquired and received and later packed away books, mementos, correspondence and photographs and in so doing created a time capsule that is being opened this week. They of course kept every other thing too. Hence the other five sections of the sale.

Their debris in the works on paper field is substantial and worth sundering for the obscure and the mint. The pedigree is superb and the collecting instincts of the family worthy of the Collier brothers. The sale is divided into six sessions over four days:

Session I: Toys, Dolls and Games;

Session II: Andrew H. Green Tiffany glass & silver; and other decorative items;

Session III: Green Family Vintage Clothing Collection, jewelry, paisleys & linens;

Session IV: Andrew H. Green Ephemera;

Session V: Stamps, Coins, Paper Money;

Session VI: Paintings, Antiques and General Estate

The 4th session will be of interest to those with an eye for books, maps and ephemera. Here is a link to the material. This session will start at 10:00 am on Saturday September 11th. Note that downloading the files with images will take a minute or two for each. For some this sale will reorient weekend plans. It should be fun.

The sale is being held at the Grand Ballroom at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts at 50 Foster Street, exit 16 off Interstate 290. On AE in the upcoming auctions we are posting the relevant lots. On the R. W. Oliver site you can see all 2,300 lots.

Bruce McKinney


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    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Copernicus Refuted. (Astronomy.). Scientific manuscript of a course of studies at Collège de la Trinité, Lyon. 1660s.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Israel’s War of Independence and the Early Days of the IDF. 58 photographs presented to Israel Ber, IDF officer and later convicted spy.
    <b>19th Century Shop’s Catalog 170 Great Books and Photos. Please inquire for a copy.</b>
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Early Unpublished Darwin letter on the races of man. Autograph Letter Signed [to Henry Denny]. Down, Kent, June 1, [1844].
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Classic Image of American Slavery. Kimball, M. H. <i>Emancipated Slaves</i>. New York: George Hanks, 1863.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> (Underground Railroad.) Scaggs, Isaac. Important Runaway Slave Poster: $500 Reward Ran away, or decoyed from the subscriber…
  • <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Newton. <i>Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica</i>. London, 1687.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Josephus. <i>De antiquitate Judaica.</i> Lubeck, 1475-76.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Carlerius. <i>Sporta fragmentorum, Sportula fragmentorum</i>. Brussels, 1478-79.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Fridolin. <i>Der Schatzbehalter</i>. Nuremberg, 1491.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Pinder. <i>Der beschlossen gart des rosenkrantz marie</i>. Nuremberg, 1505.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Isidorus Hispalensis. <i>Synonyma de Homine</i>. Nuremberg, 1470-71.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Durer. Sammelband including <i>Underweysung der messing</i>. Nuremberg, 1525-29.