Engraved Passion 7

Lot Number 3
Author Albrecht Durer

Engraved Passion 7

Year Published 1507-1513
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Description Albrecht Durer (German, 1471-1528) Engraved Passion (Bartsch 5,7,9,10,11,12) Six engravings from the series, 1507-1513, 'Betrayal of Christ', meder d, 'Christ before Pilate', meder c/d, 'Christ crowned with thorns', meder b/c, 'Ecce Homo', meder c, 'Pilate washing his hands', meder b, 'Christ carrying the cross', meder d, together with 'The Virgin and Child on a crescent' (B32), a copy in reverse, all on laid, with thread margins, 117 x 75mm (4 5/8 x 3in)(PL) (7)
Comments Each engraving has the collector's mark of Caironi Agostino verso (Lugt 426).
Estimated Price GBP 1,500.00 - 2,000.00
( USD 2,310.00 - 3,080.00 )
Actual Price GBP 1,500.00 ( USD 2,565.00 )



Auction House Bonhams
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Auction Date July 15, 2014 - July 15, 2014
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