Toys, three sets and one mold

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Toys, three sets and one mold

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Description Toys, three sets and one mold: Puzzle Compendium made for Lord & Taylor, made by R.J. & Co., London, box contains twelve games of skill contained in glass faced boxes, very minor wear to games, heavy wear to edges of container box, container size: 5" h. x 9" w. x 4 1/2" d.; "Letter Fun, The Embossing Company's Blocks No. 40", made in Albany, N.Y., contains fifty-six embossed letters (double-sided), fourteen printed animals and a word rack, wear to container box, container box size: 12 1/4" w. x 11" l.; "New Kindergarten Blocks", square paper container holding wooden stakes with solider figurines on one side and letters on the other, with standing board, wear, container top detached; and a metal mold with nature motif.
Estimated Price USD 75.00 - 150.00
Actual Price USD 28.75



Auction House Winter Associates
Auction Name Antiques
Sale Number #479
Auction Date July 14, 2014 - July 14, 2014
Sale Name Antiques
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