Pierre Curie ALS

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Pierre Curie ALS

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Description ALS in French, signed “P. Curie,” one page, 5.25 x 8.5, Faculte des Sciences de Paris letterhead, April 19, 1905. Letter to a colleague. In full (translated): “I think that the Druet de Lisle firm in Nogent sur Marne Seine, could provide you with some radium emanation and activated water for this emanation.—In case they could not, I could take care of preparing some myself. The experiment is interesting to attempt, but it would be quite unreasonable to expect success.—It should be done only if there is no other means to do so.” In fine condition, with trivial foxing. As the Curies’ pioneering work showed the powerful effect that radium had on living tissue, opening its use against cancer and other illnesses, demand for the element grew. Always happy to help their scientific community, they began a mutually beneficial relationship with French industrialist Amert de Lisle in 1904; helping his factory isolate radium for distribution to the medical profession, the Curies offered technical suggestions on the best treatments for pitchblend, and in return, they were able to accumulate larger samples of radioactive material than they would have been able to prepare themselves. In this letter, written two years after receiving the Nobel Prize, Curie embodies the true spirit of scientific research, offering honest advice on a proposed experiment—“The experiment is interesting to attempt, but it would be quite unreasonable to expect success”—along with the name of his supplier and the additional offer to “prepare some myself” if need be. Due to his tragic death the following year, signed material by Pierre is quite rare, this being only the third letter we have offered.
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