15 Catalogues Reviewed This Month


A new collection of catalogues is under review this month.

This month we review 15 new book catalogues. Travel is the topic at Bernard J. Shapero Rare Books and Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books. A particular trip, Cook's last voyage, is the subject at Hordern House. Travel would also be a regular topic of the latest from the William Reese Company, America before 1700.

Autographs, inscriptions and signed documents are featured by David Schulson Autographs and the Raab Collection. James Cummins, Bookseller has a collection of inscribed works. Many strange and unusual books can be found in catalogues from Peter L. Masi Books and Garrett Scott, Bookseller.

Clark Rare Books
has both newly acquired and on sale Americana. The Veatchs Arts of the Books also features new acquisitions. Rudi Thoemmes Rare Books offers books from the history of ideas. Librairie Thomas-Scheler presents European antiquities. James Pepper Rare Books features writers, actors, and a crook. Oak Knoll Books presents the reference library of the Zaehnsdorf Company.

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