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The rare books addition (right) to St. Bonaventure's library (from their website).

10. Engravings from and a monograph on six artists, Robert Cami, Rene Cottet, Albert Decaris, Robert Jeannisson, Kiyoshi Hasegawa and Paul Lemagny, an edition limited to 50 copies, published in 1945. $4,950.

9. Ootheca Wolleyana, an illustrated catalogue of the collection of birds eggs begun by John Wolley and continued by Alfred Newton, published in 1907. $5,580.

8. Poemes by Charles d'Orléans, with lithographs by Henri Matisse, who has signed this 1950 limited edition (1,250 copies). $5,866.

7. Les Fleurs Du Mal by Charles Baudelaire, another book with the lithographs and signature of Henri Matisse. $5,885.

6. A Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings, Drawings and Other Works, a 1978 four-volume set from the Yale University Press on the work of splatter and drip artist Jackson Pollock. $6,000.

5. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the signed, limited edition (100 copies) of J.K. Rowling's recent mini-book. $6,000.

4. A collection of 14 first editions by Thomas Pynchon. $6,269.

3. Various books, letters, essays and drafts from Narayan and Anand, two of India's foremost English language writers. $7,764.

2. Liber Psalmorum Hebraice, by Benjamin Kennicott, an 1809 first edition of the first American Hebrew psalter. $8,250.

1. The Dark Tower Series, first editions of all seven books signed and numbered by author Stephen King. $14,000.

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