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Odd Bidding on eBay


And now for a few final notes.

Running a book up by bidding throughout the life of an eBay auction is not a good strategy for a buyer although placing a strategic first bid, if you are concerned the item may be removed, if no other bids are made, makes very good sense. But you need to remember to look on other sites to see if there are copies available. Don't bid more on eBay than you can buy the item for elsewhere. Finally, don't get carried away by the appearance of fierce public bidding. It could be too good to be true.

All this said, eBay is an exceptional marketplace where great items and sometimes bargains are offered and snatched up. But beguiling tales are also told, the midway lights are always on, barkers and touts shout and whistle for your attention. So keep your hand on your wallet and your wits about you.

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