Important News for Booksellers

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Your membership options

For Premium members the "Create a Listing" link installs the same options as a research member plus one other:

Uploading to Books for Sale

Once material has been uploaded two additional options appear:

Contribute Material to the next issue of the Comet

Make Special Offers

All AE listing members' material is displayed in an open platform environment. That is, all listings appear both in AE's Books for Sale and across the internet in the search results of major search engines. A serious collector may identify an item on AE, a grandson find their great grandfather's World War I account on Google. Both are potential buyers who, when they click to inquire or purchase, directly contact the seller. AE charges no commissions.

Listing members, as soon as inventory is accessible on the site, also have the option to select material each month from stock to include in the AE Comet where, each month, we offer annual bibles on subjects suggested by collectors. The focus of the next issue is announced one month ahead.