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AE Services Part 3: Current Price Estimator


&Quot:Get current estimate&Quot; (upper left corner) lets you convert old prices to current values.

AE's price estimator will not generally offer much data about the unimportant or inexpensive book, as only those sufficiently valuable to appear at auction or in significant catalogues are found in the AED. For the better material, it is a unique and outstanding tool. It can be particularly helpful for the rarest material that perhaps has not come up for sale in 30 years. It will provide at minimum a starting point for determining value, something which may not be obtainable anywhere else.

Access to the AE Database, including the current price estimator, is available with all levels of paid subscriptions, including Visitor ($7.95 per week) or Research ($14.75 per month or $141.60 per year). To subscribe go to:

For a description of the AE Database itself, see our article from February. Go to:

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