Twelve Book Catalogues Reviewed in Section Two


Twelve new catalogues are reviewed in Section Two.

Twelve new booksellers' catalogues are reviewed in Section Two this month. Material from world's fairs and exhibitions are offered by Marc Selvaggio. African Travels are covered by Trophy Room Books. The Pacific Northwest is the focus of Wessel and Lieberman, while another Northwest seller, John Michael Lang, has 31 unusual items. Moving down the coast, Dawson's Book Shop has California ephemera.

David Lesser presents a new collection of historic Americana. Bernard J. Shapero Rare Books has 50 exceptional atlases and maps. James Pepper offers literary firsts, crime and cinema related material, and more. Oak Knoll presents books pertaining to book collectors and their libraries. Gert Jan Bestebreurtje has over 1,000 items pertaining to the Dutch East and West India Companies and the areas they settled. The Lawbook Exchange covers law and legal history, while Librairie Thomas-Scheler provides two catalogues from France. To see these reviews, click here now.