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The Barnes & Noble Bookseller Beta Program



What about older non-ISBN books, does B&N plan to start listing these for booksellers?
"We already do. Sellers have an option of listing books with or without ISBNs." 

Other book sites such as Amazon have started offering fulfillment services where they can pick, pack, and ship inventory for booksellers that store their inventory at their warehouses. Any plans for B&N to offer a similar service?
"While we are always evaluating various services to enhance both our seller and user experience, the well-established and professional booksellers who list with us now do a great job fulfilling their products, and haven't professed a need for such a service from BN.com."

Is there a target date for making the program available to all booksellers once out of beta?
"We are committed to providing the same level of service to our sellers as we do to our customers and will continue to be selective about the addition of new sellers. A small number of sellers is being added to the program now."

As a participant in the new Barnes & Noble beta program, our experience so far has been very positive, with orders averaging over 10 percent of our monthly sales. The commission charged is 15 percent for books sold, with no monthly fee. Payments to booksellers are now processed electronically every two weeks. An email is sent for pending orders to be confirmed and when book inventory is updated. I look forward to it evolving further.

Carl Burnham

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