Bookesellers' Catalogues Reviewed This Month

- by Michael Stillman


Catalogues reviewed for June.

Thirteen catalogues from European and American booksellers are reviewed in Section Two of June's issue of AE Monthly. Bernard J. Shapero Rare Books weighs in with old English books, Librairie Thomas-Scheler has some notable European antiquarian books. Frits Knuf and Antiquariaat Papyrus have combined to offer a collection from the Continent, with a section about colors, while the Antiquariaat Forum has some Dutch works. David Lesser provides a catalogue of unusual Americana, while William Reese is focused on the American South. There are fabulous new acquisitions offered by Bauman Rare Books, western fiction from Between The Covers, rare manuscripts from the 19th Century Shop, curious items from Thomas Cullen, unusual western memorabilia from Johns' Western Gallery, and more than just books about books from Oak Knoll. Join us in Section Two to catch up on what booksellers are offering in their catalogues this month.

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