Two Add'l Sources added to the AED

- by Bruce E. McKinney



By Bruce McKinney

This month we have added A Bibliography of The White Mountains by Allen H. Bent to the AED. There are 778 entries including a list of all newspapers published in the White Mountains from the first appearance of Europeans up to the date of this publication: 1911.

This source is of particular interest because it moves beyond the relatively easy task of identifying books and pamphlets into the more obscure references found in magazines. In particular there are almost 300 references to articles in Appalachia, 50 newspapers, 150 poems and 36 maps.

For someone looking for a guided tour to collecting this bibliography offers an intensely detailed perspective on a narrow collecting focus.

For members who wish to search this database source separate from other sources type BENT in the Database Source field.

We have also added Vol. 1 of the 8 volumes of "The Library of the Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker." This legendary collection was sold in 8 sales over 4 years beginning in 1905. We will continue to add these records over the summer of 2006. In the 8 sales there are a total of 8,042 lots. In the AED you'll find it as Pennypacker 943-1.