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Searching the upcoming auctions

On the right side of the auctions page are the 25 most recently posted auction reports.  Selecting next and back move you through these results.  The recent auction reports are shown in their brief form.  Selecting Click here to View Top Ten Lots by Sale Price opens into a more detailed report including the ten most expensive lots in each sale.  For both the condensed and complete report forms there are forward and back buttons to scroll through the sales.  For all sales that have been reported there are links in the calendar to the complete results including unsold lots.

Just to the right of all auction pages are quick links to

Auction Home

Auction Calendar

Auction House List

Sign-up for Auction Updates

Recent Auction Updates

Trends in Book Auction Prices

Charts and Analyses

AE Top Auction Report

Each link takes you to one of the features or indexes within the section.

We publish both AE Monthly and Weekly Auction Reports.  One of the links is Sign-up for Auction Updates.  These reports are emailed Sunday evenings at 9:00 pm PST, include all reported auctions for the past seven days and list all upcoming auctions for the next seven days.

Almost all of these features are free.  To receive the weekly reports you must provide a brief amount of information.  To view the annual AE Top Auction Reports covering sales for the past decade a paid membership at any level is required.

If you have questions you can always ask.  By phone reach us at 877.323.7273.  By email click here.

Posted On: 2011-07-01 00:00
User Name: dlw181

I collect in a specific area - science first editions. This is a small segment, so most auctions do not contain anything of interest. It would be ni

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