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Twelve New Catalogues are Reviewed This Month


Twelve new catalogues are reviewed this month.

This month we review 12 new catalogues in the second section of AE Monthly. The William Reese Company offers a collection of Americana which appeared in Printing and the Mind of Man. Helen R. Kahn also offers a collection of Americana, while Joe Rubinfine is focused on signed material that tells the history of Florida.


The Arader Galleries present a selection of rare books. The Manhattan Rare Book Company has 181 books and a portrait of a Martian. Aleph-Bet Books features 600 children's books, while Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books offers decorative bindings, private press works, and other fine books.


Garrett Scott, Bookseller, has a new collection of eccentric and normal books. Leo Cadogan Rare Books is focused on antiquarian European material. The Lawbook Exchange has newly acquired material; Kenneth Karmiole, Bookseller, a new miscellany; and James Pepper Rare Books more from the world of film and literature.


All of these latest reviews can be found by clicking here now.

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